How To Beat Titled Players REVIEWED!

How To Beat Titled Players By GrandMaster Igor Smirnov Review And Reports

Author: GrandMaster Igor Smirnov 
Format: Video (With Text For Printing) 
Price: $69.00 
Rating: **** 

Other Facts:
- Comes with (1) PGN Player needed for playing through the included annotated games (2) video player for watching the video lectures and a whole lot more!

- This chess improvement course is beefed up with 123 minutes of HIGH QUALITY video lessons that discuss the 5 Chess Weapons needed to beat players who are stronger and higher rated than you.

- Each video lesson has a corresponding text version that allows you to read and print them.

- Here's another HIGHLIGHT of this course - 100 specially made tasks and games where you can train using the 5 Chess Weapons.

- Comes with IN-DEPTH instruction on how to study and go through the course and make the most out of it. 
- Download it RIGHT AWAY!

"How To Beat Titled Players" Reviews And User Opinions"

Review 1
"How To Beat Titled Players - this chess improvement e-course is oozing with very useful and practical advice you won't find anywhere else! It's at par with his 2 previous masterpieces - The Grandmaster's Secrets and The Grandmaster's Openings Laboratory', Igor Smirnov has a way of explaining complex ideas in an easy to understand manner.

And let me clear this up: he is introducing chess ideas you have never seen anywhere else!

One thing I want to make clear: Igor is very much focused on the practical aspects of improving your chess. YES, it's NOT the same old pattern recognition, tactics training, endgame mastery stuff that we see all around. His methods are tried and tested.

The POSITIVE effect on my play along with my tournament results has been immediate!

How To Beat Titled Players, which is GM Smirnov's latest course, gives you rock solid instruction on how to beat players who are 100, 200, and even 300 rating points above you. His way of teaching is very concrete. If you have the will to improve and to work smart (not just hard), How To Beat Titled Players will make you a fierce tournament competitor!"

Kenneth Hills

Review 2
"GM Smirnov's How To Beat Titled Players is the MOST wonderful chess improvement course I have laid my hands on!

Want to play like the legendary Mikhail Tal or flashy Julian Hodgson? I'm sure you do. It has a formula and it's all contained in this course.

I can see myself being the feared and strong tournament player that I have always wanted to be...thanks to the 5 Chess Weapons contained in How To Beat Titled Players.

Without a doubt, even the strongest players can crack up when faced by the techniques in your course. I have all of the courses you have written and I'm very pleased with the results I got from them.

How To Beat Titled Players goes hand in hand with Igor's Grandmaster's Secrets. With such high quality lessons, I have learned how to get positions where I can unleash combinations!

I was also VERY pleased at how GM Smirnov explained subtle ideas, which used to be very difficult to understand.

Here's a request from a HUGE fan: Smirnov, please create a course where you tackle 60-80 IMPORTANT positions taken from the middlegame and endgame. This would be of excellent use to us improving players. Nobody can explain chess wisdom better than you do!"

Debjit Banerjee

Review 3
"This chess improvement course - How To Beat Titled Players, is a piece of art!

This course shows you how to play beautiful and creative chess. The lesson on positional sacrifice alone helped me play beautiful games and win more.

Another excellent highlight is Smirnov's emphasis on having a winning psychology and attitude. Focusing on causing problems to your opponent will rock his boat. That's especially true if he expects to sweep you with a miniature. I was surprised with my games. I have used sudden counterblows, even those that are not well calculated, and I get winning advantages from positions that are inferior.

Just in case you are wondering how much progress I have made with this course, rating wise, here it is: 100 points gained in the past month or so!"

Rami Hafez

Review 4
"It (How To Beat Titled Players) is beefed up with a lot of GREAT lessons that you won't find in books. Thanks to GM Smirnov's lessons, I now look at chess from another angle. And I now win against stronger opponents with the 5 Chess Weapons.

How To Beat Titled Players along with the rest of your courses are excellent and unparalleled!"

Sahapol  Nakvanich
Secretary Thailand Chess Association